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Reunion Registration

Register Now for Noronto Reunion 2023

Please read through the guide and the registration form (below) carefully for many important details.

Completed forms are to be sent to:

[email protected]


63 Maple Crescent, RR#1,

Janetville, ON L0B 1K0

Our next important point.

** EVERY person is to sign up for a final day clean up duty **

in addition to KP/Washroom/Shower Cleaning duties.

How can we show our Sr. High young people how much they mean to us by worshipfully preparing the space for them?

This is a vital part of our shared reunion experience and every helping hand is needed.

Please help us by signing up for your “duties” online before the start of Reunion at https://noronto.ca/dutysignup .

This link will download a file to your computer which you can click on to get to the Duty Signup

OR Click Here Instead


Duty Signup

There are tabs at the bottom of the online signup window for K.P., Washroom, Shower, and Last Day Clean Up,

as well as optional sign ups for helping with Food Prep. and the World Accord Breakfast.

Click on the Registration Form and the Guide to Using PDF Registration Form

above to download them to your computer.

When working with the downloaded Registration Form pdf file on your computer

remember to save the file before quitting or your entries will be lost.

View potential campsite areas by clicking here.

You may email your completed Registration Form to the registrar at:

register.reunion @ gmail.com


Print off the three pages of the

Noronto Reunion 2022 Registration

and mail it with payment to:

Brenda Paradis

63 Maple Crescent, RR#1,

Janetville, ON L0B 1K0

Please address any questions of concerns to our Registrar.

Brenda Paradis,

at Email:  register.reunion @ gmail.com