Welcome to Camp Noronto

Noronto Reunion

Noronto Reunion 2023

Are you ready to come back home to Noronto Reunion this summer?

Your 2023 Director Team has been busy preparing and planning for this much anticipated

week of in-person camping.

You are invited to join in a week of community building, renewal and transformation,

August 12 -19, 2023

Come and let us share together once again!

Do you yearn for face to face conversation? Maybe a real human touch?

Is your potential just sitting there waiting to be released?

Do you need time and space to regroup and find inspiration to step forward?

Do you need to take action? To build? To serve?

Do you need to be exposed to new thoughts and ideas? To learn?

Are you missing the spiritual part of the balance you need in your life?

Do you have something to say and need a safe place to say it?

Do you need to feel the power of being in natural surroundings?

Do you need to sit in the chapel? View the waterfront? Be present on the campground?

Do you desire that your children experience their legacy of community?

Do you need to be surrounded by the Spirit?

If any of these resonate within you, please come and be part of Noronto Reunion 2023

The registration package is available now!

Watch for it!

How will you protect your precious neighbour that sits beside you at Reunion?

This personal responsibility may look like:

     Updating your COVID-19 vaccination by receiving any boosters that are available.

     If you aren't vaccinated, getting tested for COVID-19 no more than two days prior to arriving at camp.

     If you are feeling even a little bit ill, deciding not to attend Reunion.

     Isolating for 5 days prior to coming to camp, regardless of your vaccination status.

     Wearing a mask while indoors to avoid spreading illness if you are more comfortable.

     Ensuring good hygiene through regular hand washing; coughing or sneezing into an elbow or sleeve.

Have you thought of a way that you'd like to share your talents at Noronto Reunion 2023

Volunteers are a super blessing to us all!

Looking forward to connecting again with you soon!

Your Noronto Reunion 2023 Director Team

[email protected]

Scott Baker

Amy Unruh

Wende Badder

Brenda Paradis